Vinland, serving only local food // A conversation with David Levi

David Levi has worked in some of the most decorated and influential kitchens on Earth, and with his new Portland restaurant, Vinland, he plans to serve only local food. This week on the Ink & Pine podcast, Levi joins Maine Digital Press President Dan Bodoff, Bangor Daily News Portland Bureau Chief Seth Koenig and Dylan Martin of The Forecaster to discuss the complex subject of food sustainability and the restaurant industry. Listen in to hear how top chefs in Italy and Denmark influenced Levi’s decisions about Vinland, how to fill a Maine kitchen with exclusively Maine foods, why lard has a bad rap and much more. Here, David Levi will discuss everything from a future Portland culinary school to foraging for edible mushrooms in New York City’s Central Park to the gourmet preparation of reindeer lichen. What food staples could be locally grown in Maine, but aren’t? Find out in this week’s podcast.

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