Sea Level Rise in Portland // A conversation with Alan Kuniholm

This month, the Portland Society for Architecture will hold a symposium titled “Waterfront Visions: 2050,” at which the group hopes to play a central role in a conversation about sea level rise on the coast of Maine’s largest city. According to a report released by the society in October, properties on Portland’s high-traffic and high-visibility Commercial Street are due to incur $33 million in damage as a result of sea level rise by 2050 — $111 million by 2100. This week on the Ink & Pine podcast, incoming Portland Society for Architecture President Alan Kuniholm joins Maine Digital Press President Dan Bodoff, Bangor Daily News Portland Bureau Chief Seth Koenig and Dylan Martin of The Forecaster to discuss his organization’s report, the upcoming symposium, where they got their sea level expectations, what Portlanders in low-lying areas should start thinking about even today and the hard conversations on the horizon for owners of historic waterfront buildings.


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