A Conversation about Marijuana Legalization in Portland

Next month in Portland, voters will decide on a referendum that — if passed — would legalize possession of less than 2.5 ounces of marijuana. Medical use of marijuana in Maine has been legal since 1999 and dispensaries for medical cannabis have been legal since 2009, but the proposed Portland ordinance would represent the first step in the state toward the so-called legalization of recreational marijuana use. Laws ending the prohibition of small amounts of marijuana have been passed in Colorado and Washington, and the federal government, which still considers all uses of the drug illegal, has said it won’t interfere with the local rules as long as strict regulations are followed. David Boyer, Maine political director for the Marijuana Policy Project, joins BDN Portland Bureau Chief Seth Koenig and Maine Digital Press Founder Dan Bodoff in this episode of Ink & Pine to discuss the specifics of the ordinance change proposed in Portland, how efforts in Colorado and Washington may foreshadow what could happen in Maine, criticisms that legalizing marijuana could increase teenagers’ exposure to the drug, “marijuana tourism,” and what the financial ramifications could be if the state government has to tax and regulate it.

4 Responses to A Conversation about Marijuana Legalization in Portland
  1. Joey B. says:

    Hey guys, Portland resident here. Great idea, putting together a local-issues podcast like this. May I recommend you get it on iTunes? That would make it SO much easier to find and to subscribe to, so I can listen to each new episode.

  2. InkAndPine says:

    You got it. We should have it in iTunes relatively soon.

  3. Dave C says:

    Really like your podcast. The conversation about the marijuana initiative, however, had the feel of an infomercial with many softball questions.

  4. InkAndPine says:

    Reasonable point there. How would you feel if we did a follow up? Too much?

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