Alex Steed

We sat down with Bangor Daily News blogger, columnist and Knack Factory partner Alex Steed to discuss the 2014 Gubernatorial campaigns, local civic engagement and Alex’s own work and writing. The topic quickly turned to the tuning out of election year politics and the echo chamber of virtual activism. We also spoke about Alex’s recent blog post on his decision to give up alcohol and the wide range of feedback he received after making the personal revelation.

The science behind Portland’s beautiful architecture, and how to save it for the future.

Architect Nir Buras says scientists have identified what makes certain architectural styles and streetscapes more beautiful and welcoming to people, and Portland is flush with those traits. But Buras also says the city is in danger of losing what makes it special. In a conversation with Ink & Pine, he explains how he thinks Portland can preserve its charm, as well as how he’d redesign the highway-like Franklin Street, among other areas.

A comic-centered conversation with writer Alex Irvine

We met up with author Alex Irvine to talk about his writing and work with licensed fiction. Writing for the Marvel universe, Sleepy Hollow, game writing, original novels and more, Alex continues to produce a large and varied body of work and was happy shed some light on the different processes, challenges and rewards of his many endeavors.

The circus college is coming to Portland

Peter Nielsen and Alisan Funk are the president and academic program director for the Circus Conservatory of America, the country’s first circus college and part of the $100-plus-million redevelopment of Portland’s Thompson’s Point peninsula. On this episode of Ink & Pine, Nielsen and Funk explain why a circus college education can prepare students for more than the trapeze, and what new programs their institution will have for learners of all ages. In this wide-ranging interview, we learn about some exciting developments on the horizon for the conservatory, when they expect their first college students and why they chose Portland of all the places in America.

East Cove Townhomes: A conversation with Jed Rathband

We sat down with broker, developer, and former mayoral candidate, Jed Rathband, to hear all about his ambitious new project, East Cove Townhomes. Set to occupy an underdeveloped area of the eastern peninsula adjacent to the currently revitalized Bayside neighborhood, East Cove Townhomes will represent an exciting opportunity for many people to live and raise families in Portland while also offering limited commercial space for small businesses. Jed is an active member of his community and was eager to engage in a wide ranging conversation about living, working, renting and owning in Portland and it’s surrounding cities.

Portland is a ‘social Vegas’ for this community-minded tattoo artist

The Lucky behind the recently opened Lucky’s Tattoo Co. at 102 Exchange St. has plied his craft all over the United States, from the southwest to the midwest to the southeast — and now, in his latest move, the northeast. Lucky is now Maine’s only participant in the “Ink for Autism” fundraising and awareness campaign, and donates breast cancer awareness ribbon tattoos every October. But there are some images Lucky won’t tattoo. For the latest edition of the Ink & Pine podcast, Lucky explains what his limits are, how tattoo choices are different in Portland compared to other regions of the country, and why he calls Maine’s largest city a “social Vegas.” Also, find out which bad tattoos were the most difficult for Lucky to save, and why autism awareness is so important to him.

Environmental issues with Glen Brand, director of Sierra Club Maine

Ink & Pine was fortunate enough to welcome Glen Brand, Director of Sierra Club Maine to discuss a host of local environmental issues. Seth, Trent and Glen discussed the possibility of passenger rail service between Portland and Auburn and Glen brought us up to speed on South Portland’s recent rejection of a controversial tar sands pipeline. The group also discussed the banning and cost prohibiting of plastic shopping bags and the problems posed by the bags for local communities.